Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update in Google

As always Google is keeping up with the times and is set to give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly websites in its latest algorithm update.  As of April 21st, 2015 Google will be rolling out an algorithm update that will extend mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in their “SERP” (Search Engine Results Page). This update is […]

Google Feud

Think you know what people are searching for?  Think you know how Google auto finishes questions as they are typed into the search engine? Then come on down and play Google Feud.  It may not be hosted by Steve Harvey but it is pretty interesting to see how and what people are searching for in […]

Could DuckDuckGo overtake Bing?

Could DuckDuckGo overtake Bing? What is DuckDuckGo you ask? Many people have never heard of this search engine before but it is essentially a search engine just like Google. It does generate its SERP (Search Engine Results Page) a bit differently though. It uses incoming links from external sources as a huge ranking factor, it […]

Google Glass® Week 3

Google Glass® Week 3 In this weeks video we have Google Glass® in a paint ball war. You can almost feel the pain in this one. It really does a great job capturing the fast passed action of outdoor paintball. Every week we will have new video’s of people doing fun or extreme activities with […]

Google Glass® Week 2

Google Glass® Week 2 This weeks Google Glass® video is of downhill mountain biking. The quality of the picture with these glasses is amazing. Keep coming back every week for our new feature video. We hope you enjoy! SORRY VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Google “Pigeon” Update

Google “Pigeon” Update 2014 Google has confirmed that on July 24th for US English results they have begun rolling out a new update to their search algorithm that people are calling (The Pigeon Update). This update has the aim to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results. Unlike the famed Panda and Penguin […]

Google Glass® Week 1

With Google Glass® now being on the market for some time some really great videos are starting to come onto the internet. Follow our blog for the Google Glass® video of the week.   This week we bring you the “The Incredible Hulk Coaster® through Google Glass®.”  

Keys to a great robots.txt file

Keys to a great robots.txt file I know this is a fairly dry search engine optimization subject, but it is important nonetheless. Setting up and managing your robots.txt file on your website could be the difference between getting ranked and not. Below I will explain the function of the robots.txt file and give you some […]

The Google Self Driving Car Project

The Google Self Driving Car Project Just in case you have not heard about this new technology here is a brief description of the new Google Self Driving Cars.   Google in an effort to automate even more aspects of daily life have been developing “Self Driving Cars”. At the moment they are still in […]