The Best Social Media Sites for Growing a Brand

Tweet, Like, Share, Chat, Friend and Pin are all common words in today’s social media networks. Social media sites have changed tremendously over the past decade. New social media website pop up every year and it becomes more difficult to determine which one’s can benefit a growing business. Here is a list of today’s top social media sites that can help you grow a better brand for your business.

Facebook is still considered today’s top social media site on the web. It may not be the younger generations go to site but it can still create a strong brand and bring conversation towards your business. Create a business page and engage by posting photo’s and information related to your business. I highly recommend creating Facebook Ad’s for your page, for a relatively small cost it can create a large volume of connection towards your page by increasing your “Like’s” and engaging in conversation about your business.


A micro blogging site using no more than 140 characters per tweet. This site is a great way to engage with customers and people in your industry. You share your thoughts related to your business and or current global events.  If you are looking to share more than a typical tweet you may want to look into Twitter Cards. These cards make it possible for you to tweet a link to your content. Twitter Cards can drive traffic to your website and increase your number of twitter followers. 

A visual based website. Experts believe that photo’s make up for a large percentage of engaging posts. You must make your social media content visual that rule of thumb works for all social media networks. If your business is visually based in the industry of fashion, home décor, foods, travel or photography then Pinterest is the site for you.


Instagram started as an app limited to IOS, it has since grown to other platforms and the web. Like Pinterest this site is popular for sharing real time photos and videos. If your business has a strong visual content then Instagram will be important for growing your brand.

LinkedIn is essentially an online resume; it allows you to share your skills, work history, education and talents. It is ideal for professional wanting to build a business connection with people in their industry. This site is great for promoting yourself, your business and posting job opportunities. Being connected with LinkedIn is valuable in the world of business.



You Tube is the #1 social networking site for watching and sharing videos and is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. Owned by Google and connected to Google+ it is safe to say that it can bring a strong value towards SEO and better your ranking. A business with strong video content branding and ads may want to consider becoming regularly active amongst the You Tube community.