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We offer measurable, confident, and professional Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Services. It’s our job to drive motivated and actual customers to your website.

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, a strong online presence is paramount to success for businesses of all sizes. Enter Shine On SEO, your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled visibility, higher search rankings, and increased organic traffic. Nestled in the heart of Edmonton, Shine On SEO offers a comprehensive suite of search engine optimization services designed to place your brand in the spotlight and drive sustainable growth.

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A Brief Description of SEO

Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the practice of properly presenting your website to the search engines so it will show on the search engine results page or “SERP.”  The pages displayed in a search engine are a result of the customer search query or “Keywords” being run through a complex algorithm with a variety of factors and importance.

What we can do for you!

SHINE ON SEO feels that the best way to get results is to understand the search engine algorithms and combine that with years of experience in getting results for our valued customers.

With the increased amount of customers searching for businesses or services online, SEO has never been more important. If a potential customer is trying to find your service and you’re not in the results, then a tremendous opportunity will be missed. We can help you capture more business and grow your brand through confident and long-lasting optimization practices.

Here are some preset packages that we offer.

If these packages don’t fit your business we can customize a package for you to better suite your online marketing needs.

Edmonton SEO Package
Edmonton SEO Package Image

Edmonton SEO Package for small businesses and brick and mortar shops looking to improve their online web rankings. This is the perfect SEO package for the business who needs better rankings in their local area.

Silver SEO Package

The Silver SEO Package is a great option for businesses who need website management, online marketing/pay per click, SEO for multiple location or national keywords and social media optimization.

Gold SEO Package
Gold SEO Package Edmonton

The Gold SEO Package is a great option for businesses who need it all. It includes: On page SEO, pay per click, blogging, press releases, social media optimization, content creation and more.

Enterprise SEO Package
Edmonton Enterprise SEO Package

The Enterprise SEO Package is for businesses who need National and International keyword ranking and online branding. Hands free online marketing for even the largest business.

Our Approach:
At Shine On SEO, we understand that every business is unique, with distinct goals and challenges. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of your industry, target audience, and competition. We take the time to meticulously analyze your website’s structure, content, and performance to identify areas of improvement and growth potential.

Keyword Mastery:
Keywords are the foundation of effective SEO. Our team of seasoned experts conducts thorough keyword research to pinpoint the terms and phrases your potential customers are actively searching for. By strategically infusing these keywords into your website’s content, we ensure that your brand emerges as a relevant and authoritative resource in your field.

Content Excellence:
Compelling and informative content is at the core of any successful SEO strategy. Our content specialists work closely with you to craft engaging articles, blog posts, infographics, and other valuable content that not only resonates with your audience but also aligns seamlessly with search engine algorithms. This results in improved user engagement and higher search rankings.

Technical Prowess:
Behind every well-performing website is a strong technical foundation. Shine ON SEO conducts a thorough technical audit of your website to identify and rectify issues that might be hindering its performance in search results. From optimizing site speed and mobile responsiveness to enhancing site architecture and schema markup, our technical experts ensure that your website is search-engine-friendly.

Link Building:
Building a network of high-quality backlinks is a key facet of our SEO strategy. We foster relationships with authoritative websites and utilize ethical link-building techniques to establish your website’s credibility and authority in your industry. These quality backlinks not only enhance your search rankings but also drive targeted traffic to your website.

Data-Driven Insights:
Transparency and accountability are integral to our service. We provide detailed reports on your website’s performance, showcasing the progress made and the impact of our efforts. These insights empower you to make informed decisions and continually refine your online strategy.

Local SEO:
For businesses targeting a local audience, Shine ON SEO excels at local SEO optimization. We help you dominate local search results, ensuring that your business is prominently displayed when potential customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas search for your products or services.

Partner with Shine ON SEO in Edmonton to unlock the true potential of your online presence. Through meticulous optimization, content excellence, technical expertise, and data-driven insights, we propel your business to new heights, allowing you to shine brightly in the digital realm.

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