When the stakes are high and the competition so hungry for a piece of the pie, search engines have been updating their algorithms for years in an effort to bring us the most relevant results for our search quires. This however has been to many businesses detriment as what is acceptable SEO practice one day may not be acceptable the next day. At the end of the day Google, Bing, Yahoo are diligently trying to bring us the best possible search results. “Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette”.

These first page search results for our questions are extremely important for the search engine developers. Google first used satellite images for their map page and when that was not good enough they literally drove vehicles down every road, every crescent, every residential and rural road on planet earth. Think about that! Google created a map of the earth searchable at ground level! This is how important their search results are to them.

Many businesses become frustrated with new updates and new policies on marketing tactics that were acceptable yesterday and not today. But it is within reason for the search engines to adjust their ranking algorithms. If you did it right from the beginning, you would not have any issues. Your SEO guy knew that using link farms were going to be bad in the long run yet they still added your business to them. They would have known that you have only 1 shop address yet perhaps they set up multiple address’s that are now giving you grief. They would have known that Guest blogging programs that string together incoherent sentences and submit them to blogs all around the world overnight would eventually be discovered as not real content.

As long as you grow things naturally, correctly and honestly you will never be punished by a search engine and should never have to fear an algorithm update. I applaud Google and the other search engines for their continued efforts to make the internet a better place and weed out these fly by night companies who spend more time exploiting a system instead of embracing it.